Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been making art/fursuits?

As long as I can remember I’ve been making art. I’ve been making fursuits since 2016 with some large breaks between suits.

Can I commission you?

Yes! What I’m currently open for is up in the art commission tab! Fursuit commission slots will only be announced.

What can I use the artwork I’ve commissioned for?

Private commissions can be used in any personal way that you would like. If you are looking to use my work made for you for profit now or in the future we have to discuss a contract; these will be case by case.

Can I use your already made artwork/animations for my ____ Project?

I’m sorry but this will always be no. Most of the artwork I make is either very personal or a commissioned piece for someone else. I appreciate that you like my work and may think you are doing me a favor by giving me exposure but I don’t usually end up being the person getting exposure.

Can I pay you for art classes?

I’m currently not confident enough to do one on one classes, but I do talk about my art processes on my youtube from time to time!
Click here to go to my youtube account!

Will you do free/discounted art? It’s my birthday/I’m sad/We’re friends

If you ask me this it’s very obvious we aren’t actually friends. I can’t do free art. Sorry

What software do you use?

Digital Art:

– Paint tool sai
– Photoshop
– Procreate
– Autodesk sketchbook

Video/Music/Sound Editing:

– Lumafusion
– Audacity
– Premiere
– VLC Media Player


– FlipAClip
– TV Paint
– Photoshop

3-D models:

– Zbrush
– Forger
– Blender

Game Building:

– Unity