Commissions that are Always Open

Stream Commissions

I Stream almost every Fri-Sun on picarto. Please be aware that I often create adult content in stream, so you do not have to be present if that is an issue

Sometimes Open

If you don’t feel like emailing me to find out if these are open, my trello usually has the open or not status(click commission queue link at the top)

Ref Sheets


Base price covers front, back and small expression sheet.
Flat colors only

Detailed Inspirational Vomit


These are the out of stream and super detailed inspirational vomit pieces.

You can give me a theme, song, and/or emotion to be inspired by.

Full Digital Illustration


You have full control over the details of this piece. Details, poses, background, emotion, etc. is entirely up to you.

Price depends on the amount of characters, type of background, and the amount of hours I estimate it will take to complete

Also you get a higher resolution file of this than any of my other commissions


Price varies too much to have a base cost. Send an inquiry to my email for a non commitment quote for private commissions. Commercial work is not currently something I feel comfortable doing until my portfolio has expanded



Traditional Badges, come laminated if requested!



An image made with POSCA paint pens. Essentially an acrylic painting done with a marker full of paint.

Colored Pencil


The character is done up totally in colored pencil with some multimedia background



A fully realized image made from a variety of medias